XV-LC-SDI HD-SDI Low Profile Capture card X-View

XV-LC-SDI HD-SDI Low Profile Capture card

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1 x HDSDI input, PCIe low profile capture card


•    Single HD-SDI capture channel

•    3G SDI Up to 1080p

•    800 MB/s DMA Bandwidth

•    SD/HD/3G @ 60fps

•    High performance up/down scaler

•    Colour space convertor

•    PCI Express Gen1x4Lane, Low Profile

•    X-View unified drivers Win7/10 & Linux

Discreet video capture is now the mainstay of many small form factor appliances bieng used in markets such as lecture capture, distance learning and medical enviroments. X-View XV-LC-SDI provides SD/ HD/3G capture for use within such applications. X-View’s Live-Stream Capture technology allows captrured video to be processed and delivered in real time to a processor or graphics card.

The XV-LC-SDI supports on board colour space conversion and scaling, providing the ability to effeciently transfer the video signal in a suitable format for rendering or encoding applications.

The XV-LC-SDI natively supports 32, 24, 16 and 12 bit YUV & RGB formats.

Built upon the Microsoft AV Stream framework, XVLC-SDI input can be accessed and enumerated by any DirectShow or Media Foundation supported application. A Video for Linux (V4L) driver package is also available.


The XV-LC-SDI capture card has been designed for use within application models such as:

• Medical enviroments

• Simulation systems

• Live Events

• PC & Gaming console capture

• Real time streaming

• Video encoders

• Video recorders

It is also possible to use more than a single card into a system for multiple capture channels.

The XV-LC-SDI capture card has been designed for standalone capture applications and is not supported as a capture input with the X-View Video Wall Controllers.

XV-LC-SDI is provided with both a full size and low profile bracket.

The XV-LC-SDI HD-SDI Low Profile Capture card is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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