Raspberry Pi PZ Case Installation Guide

Installation of the Raspberry Pi Board in the PZ case

Please follow the instructions below to correctly install the Pi 2 board into the case.
You will need a small cross head / Phillips screw driver to open and close the case, ensure you use a correct size of screwdriver to avoid damaging the screw heads.

Step 1. Remove the top cover

The top cover is held on by four cross head screws located in each one of the corners, remove all four screws.

Step 2. Lift off the top cover

With the top cover screws removed you can lift off the top cover

Step 3. Remove internal board fixing screw

With the top cover removed, you will notice a cross head screw in the corner which is used to hold down the Pi board, this must be removed prior to fitting the board.

Step 4. Remove SD Slot Side

Turn the case over and remove the two cross head screws holding the SD Slot side, this must be removed so that you can install the Pi board easily.

Step 5. Install the Pi Board

Install the Pi board with the USB port end first, you may need to angle this slightly in order for the board to fit correctly into the USB port cut out end. Once this end of the board is correctly installed, lower the other end of the board so that it rests on the fixing pillar.

Fix the Cross head screw to hold down the board – take care not to overtighten the screw otherwise you may break or damage the board. We would also advise installing the SD card into the board at this point. Consider installing suitable heatsinks for your Pi Board to keep it running cool. Reinstall the SD Slot slide; make sure that the indent on the SD slot side faces outwards.

Step 6 – Install top cover

With your Pi board installed, reinstall the top cover and fix the 4 crosshead screws, take care not to overtighten the screws.

Whilst it is possible to remove and replace the SD card with the housed Pi board in the case, it can also be a little tricky, as the Micro SD card is small and it is possible to miss the SD card holder when inserting the card. We would recommend removing the SD Slot side whenever you need to replace this card as access to the Pi card holder is much easier without the side. You only need to remove the top and bottom screws to remove and replace the SD slot side