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Overview PHDX Video streamer

The Playzone PHDX is the perfect accessory for business, education or personal video streaming. PHDX delivers a powerful solution for delivering video and audio over Ethernet from HDMI or HD-SDI sources. Audio is also supported for 2 channels of embedded audio directly from HDMI or HD-SDI inputs via the PZ-HDMI or PZ-HDSDI capture modules. PHDX video streamer supports multiple streams and includes HLS server to enable video stream delivery and viewing via Apple IOS devices.

Multi-Platform Compatible

The PHDX video streams are native RTMP in H264 encoding, this allows easy viewing from multiple devices via a host of streaming video players such as VLC as well as HLS for smartphones / tablets.


Local LAN / Internet IP Video

With PHDX video streaming has never been so easy for anyone to setup and broadcast video, IP video streams can be delivered across a Local Lan network or WANs / Internet, the PHDX is ideal for live video delivery to YouTube as well as a host of other sites, for business users the streams can also be streamed to Wowza or other servers for CDN delivery to Digital signage end points.


PHDX can also be used to receive IP video streams from an external URL and republish the stream to a new URL.

Live Recording

Built-in recording lets you capture live video and audio to a connected USB flash drive, eliminating need for external recording devices. The recorded video files are encoded in H264 MP4 video format, allowing easy playback on viewing on any device. H264 encoding allows for smaller file sizes for the recorded video which means you can record longer on low cost Flash Drives.

HDMI Output

PHDX provides a HDMI output to enable local stream monitoring via a connected HDMI display, this additional functionality also enables multiple PHDX devices to be used as Stream end points, so that you can create LAN based Digital Signage networks very easily.


The PZ-PHDX 5V (USB)powered, 2A, 115 grams. H=30mm x L=93mm x W=60mm

Note: all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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