MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams
MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams
MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams
MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams

MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams

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MVD-4K30H enables clinicians to easily share in real-time, live video and audio from Ultra sound scanners (and other medical devices) to colleagues remotely located via Microsoft Teams application. MVD-4K30H delivers pristine quality video during collaborative meetings.

 True “plug and play” usability of the MVD-4K30H allows fast setup with ease by any clinician at a moment’s notice and requires no specialist training. The MVD-4K30H includes the three most common video cables (HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort), enabling easy interface to any brand or model of Ultra Sound Scanner.

In three easy steps, the MVD-4K30H starts delivering real-time clinical video to any Teams meeting;

Step one, pick one of the three supplied video cables that matches the output of the scanner and plug the video cable into the scanners video output port, connect the other end of the video cable with HDMI into the MVD-4K30H HDMI video input.

Step two, connect the USB port on the MVD-4K30 to the USB port of the computer with the Teams client.

Step 3, on the computer with the Teams client, click on the three dots at the top next to the users name, select settings menu, then select devices, scroll to the bottom and using the camera drop down box, select USB Video, in the preview video window you will see the scanners video and color bars if no video is being output from the scanner, if there is audio from the scanner then you can also select this by using the microphone drop down and selecting USB Digital Audio. Once you have selected the correct settings, close the settings menu and start your Teams meeting.



The MVD-4K30H is self-powered using the PC’s USB port, making for a very fast and easy setup on any occasion, the compact unit provides for an ideal solution with portability.

No drivers or additional software is required in order to use the MVD-4K30H with either Window’s, Apple Mac’s or Linux based computers running Microsoft teams.


Video Input

1 x HDMI Input supports maximum 3840 x 2160 @30Hz (4K) video

Video Out

Maximum 1920 x 1080 @30HZ (HD) video Digital Frame Buffer YUV

Video Color

Support for 8, 10, or 12-bit video depth color




Maximum working power 0.4A / 5V DC via USB Port


Operating range -10 to +55 /C

Driver Free Modes

UVC and UAC device

HDMI cable

Minimum AWG26 standard cable which will support up to 15 meters of cable length for maximum 1080p or lower resolutions.


1 Year RTB

All specifications subject to change without notice.

e-mediavision provides a diverse range of custom clinical video solutions including customization of products suited to individual clinical requirements, for individual tailored solutions please contact us with your requirements.


Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the MVD-4K30 Medical Video Via Teams is for you.

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