Point-HD Broadcast Telestrator Download


Please download the following files listed below and place them into a folder named Point-HD Install, once you have downloaded all the files then follow the Installation Procedure.

  1. Point-HD Broadcast Telestrator Installer
  2. Point-HD Samples
  3. Newtek NDI
  4. BMD 10.8.4
  5. W10-Thumbs
  6. HP-RGS
  7. CODEC Settings Backup
  8. Klite codec pack
  9. POINT Name Generator
  10. VLC
  11. Remote support AnyDesk

Installation Procedure

It is recommended to follow the installation steps as listed below, this will minimise any chance of problems.

Step 1. Prepare the computer

Step 2. Install the BlackMagic Decklink card

Step 3. Install the software items

Step 4. Test the system

1. Prepare the computer

The computer workstation should be installed with Windows 10 64 Bit English language. The user account MUST HAVE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS ENABLED.

Check that all available Microsoft updates have been installed.

Check system BIOS is the latest version.

Check in BIOS settings that Hyperthreading is enabled.

Check all chipset and motherboard drivers are up to date.

Set Windows UAC mode to the minimum.

Type Control Panel in search, then click on User Accounts, from the left side menu click System and Security, under Security and Maintenance click Change User Account Control Settings and move the slider all the way to the bottom - Never Notify, then click on "OK" and close Control Panel.

Set the PC not to go into sleep/hibernation mode, set the display to remain on all the time and set power plan to high performance / maximum.

Check the NVIDIA Graphics Card driver is up to date.

2. Install the BlackMagic card into the PC, it is recommended to install the card in the 2nd x16 PCIe GPU card slot (if available).

Power up the PC, do not use the software CD that is normally supplied with the card.

From the downloaded installation files, install the BMD 10.8.4 Desktop video software and let it complete installation, you should reboot the PC after the software installs and on reboot leave the desktop running for a couple of minutes in case of the BMD card firmware detector needs to complete flashing the card.

3. Install the Klite Codec Pack, run the installer and pay attention to the following during install;

Select Normal setup mode

Preferred video player select -Media Player Classic, Audio Player select Windows Media player, Preffered Video Decoder select LAV + ffdshow and same again for Preferred Audio Decoder.

Select NVIDIA GPU CUDA decoder if available

Video renderer select Video Mixing Renderer 9 (Renderless)

Decline installation of any other Add-on software if prompted and complete installation.

Right click on the CODEC settings backup file and select Run As Adminstrator.

Reboot the computer before proceding to the next step of the installation.

4. Install VLC application

5. Install Newtek NDI application and after installation reboot the PC.

6. Unzip the Point-HD Samples file and copy the folder to the C:\ drive.

7. Right click on the W10-Thumbs File and run as administrator

8. Double clcik on the Point-HD installer file and let that complete installation.

9. Right click on the Point-HD desktop shortcut and select properties, click on the Compatability tab and place a check mark next to "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" and click on Apply and OK to exit.

10. Double click on the Point-HD shortcut, at the message box click on ENTER KEY button, copy the Hardware Fingerprint number and email us with this number, we will email you back with a activation key and user name, copy and paste that into the name and key areas then click ok and the application will be activated.

After entering the activation key first time, click on Exit at the displayed Point-HD Main Menu.

Double click on the Point-HD control panel, select the detected BMD card and then set up the video parameters as required, once set close the Point-HD control panel and run Point-HD.


PDF and CHM help files are located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Point-HD Documents\Point-HD Docs

Please follow the guide to test and setup the Telestrator as needed.

12. Remote Support & Assitance, install Anydesk application and email us the PC's Anydesk ID to enable us to remote in and provide assistance or any training as required.