PlayZone HD Video Grabbers USB2.0 Range

PlayZone HD Video Capture USB2.0 Range

PlayZone HD USB2.0 range of video grabber products can be used on computers with USB3.0 ports, however the capture resolution and data transfer rates will be limited to USB2.0 rates.

PlayZone HD USB 2.0 capture products includes:

PZ-CV-H264 for composite video and stereo audio capture to H.264

PZ-HDMI for HDMI video up to 1080p/60 and stereo audio to 720p/30 MJPEG

PZ-HDSDI for SDI video to 3G/1080p and 2 channel embedded audio to 720p/30 MJPEG

PlayZone HD video capture products do not require additional drivers to be installed as they are UVC/UAC compliant and can be used with Windows, macOSX, Linux, certain Andriod devices and Raspberry RPi based computers.

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