EMV-HDR Multichannel Video Recording Software
EMV-HDR Multichannel Video Recording Software
EMV-HDR Multichannel Video Recording Software

EMV-HDR Multichannel Video Recording Software

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Overview EMV-HDR

The EMV-HDR is a multi-channel recording software for Windows computers. Easily record simultaneously, video from various sources;Composite, HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI, VGA, DVI, YUV, RGB, YC & DisplayPort inputs using X-View capture cards & PZ-CV-H264, PZ-HDMI & PZ-HDSDI capture modules or 3rd party capture devices that provide a DirectShow Capture Filter. EMV-HDR provides auto FTP upload and segmented recording by size or time as well as Sync'd Start/Stop of all linked channels.

Multi-Channel Recording

EMV-HDR can be used to record from 1 to X number of channels, limited only by your computers specification in terms of CPU cores, memory and disk space and encoder choice. EMV-HDR opens as a single channel recorder, to implement additional channels you simply click on New Session.


Split Flie Recording

With split file recordings, you can continuosly record with segmented recordings which can be split by file size or time duration. This feature enables split files to be auto uploaded to FTP location so that you can start editing or transcoding without having to wait for the entire session to be recorded as a single large file.

FTP Upload

Each instance of the recording session can be set to auto upload to its own FTP location.

Sync Record

For multi-channel recording setups you can select each channel to be linked to a common Start / Stop buton, this will then Start or Stop all channel recordings at a single click of a button.

X-View Capture Card Support

EMV-HDR can be used with the entire range of X-View capture cards by e-mediavision, a variety of capture cards are available which cater for all video input types from standard composite video through to HD-SDI and DVI Dual Link for high resolution video. X-View cards provide the EMV-HDR to record the same input into multiple format recordings, for example a HDMI or DVI video source can be encoded into H264 and MPEG at the same time from the same input.

Windows Support

The EMV-HDR can be used with Windows 10, 7, Vista, and XP

Note: all specifications are subject to change without notice.

Life is too short to live without the EMV-HDR Multichannel Video Recording Software. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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