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X-View Wall Control SQX Application for Video Walls with IP Camera Decode

X-View SQX cards offer users the ability to capture video and encode it into H.264 ready for streaming or storage. The encoded video to be received, decoded and displayed on small to large scale video walls.

X-View Wall Control SQX provides users with the video wall control interface to manage traditional input sources as well as multiple IP streams and local applications. Users are able to place any input source on any part of the video wall using a simple drag and drop operation.

Scale, crop and rotate individual instances of each source to ensure that any input can be displayed how you want.

With Wall control SQX users are able to manage a multitude of simultaneous IP sources using multiple X-View Active SQX IP decoder cards within a video wall system configuration.

Custom video wall layout files can be created and recalled as needed, there is no restriction on number of layouts that can be created or recalled.

In addition carousels can be created to allow the cycling of video inputs or decoded IP sources with a defined order, timing and missing source behaviour.

Wall Monitor application is included with X-view wall control SQX. Wall monitor provides real time monitoring of the system tempratures and voltages within the system. The application will alert operators of any system issuse via alarm, on screen display or e-mail.

Should limits be reached, the application will ensure that the system shuts down safely before any damage to the processors or cards can occur.

 Model Code Description
XV-WCTL-SQX Wall control application with support for SQX IP decoder