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X-View Wall Control Application for Video Walls

X-VIEW Wall Control is a Windows application through which the user can control the video wall controller and the images displayed on the video wall.

Wall Control application displays the entire wall layout in its local application window. The position and size of each window is displayed within the application. The user can in real time move and size the source windows that are displayed onto the displays connected to the X-View wall controller.

Unlimited templates and Layouts can be created, saved and easily recalled through the wall control application, either via local control of the wall controller or via 3rd party control systems through the RS232 & Telnet interfaces. Wall control Client application can be installed onto any number of networked PC’s to provide control of the video wall via LAN/WAN connected computers.

With wall control monitoring the user is notified of any system issuse via alarm, on screen display or e-mail.


Should limits be reached, the application will ensure that the system shuts down safely before any damage to the processors or cards can occur.


  • Control of all source input window displays
  • Control of standard Windows applications
  • Video Wall Screen Ordering and bezel gap compensation utility
  • Can be operated remotely on any PC via a network connection
  • Mosaic configuration utility
  • On Screen per window caption and text capability
  • Save and Recall preconfigured layouts and templates
  • Easy 3rd party control options
  • Display of video content on video wall shown inside wall control application
 Model Code Description
XV-WCTL-R Wall control application