XV-VIS900X Video Wall Expansion Frame
XV-VIS900X Video Wall Expansion Frame
XV-VIS900X Video Wall Expansion Frame

XV-VIS900X Video Wall Expansion Frame

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The XV-VIS900X is the mid range 9 slot PCIe expansion frame that can be used with any of the X-View DPXe Master controllers to provide system expansion.

The 4RU 19” rack mounting frame is available with either a single 500W ATX power supply or 600W RPSU redundant power supplies.

The XV-VIS900X expansion chassis is configured with X-View Gen3 backplane, providing 8GB/s up and down stream data transfer as well as the S & H Link G3 interlink expansion card and 0.75M expansion cable.

Fiber optic interlink version(OPT) available to increase distance between master and expansion frames. Please note that with fiberoptic versions listed below you will also need to purchase 1x XV-HLink-OPT & either XV-EXcable/50 or XV-EXcable/100

Depending upon the master controller frame version, a number of XV-VIS900X expansion frames can be used in a single system configuration


  • 9 PCIe slots GEN3 Backplane
  • Capability of linking multiple expansion frames to increase available slots
  • High flow rate cooling fans and filter to prevent cards overheating
  • Provides increased I/O capacity and scalability
  • Redundant or ATX PSU options
  • Compatible with X-View Wall Control & I/O cards




19” 4U Industrial PC chassis


Length 500mm (incl handles, Height 175mm, Width 482.1mm (incl mounting brackets), Weight 19-25Kg, shipping 30-33Kg

PCIe Expansion Link GEN3 Backplane, H & S GEN3 Link and 0.75M cable or Fiber optic version -OPT models
Backplane XV-Express9 GEN3 PCIe back plane providing 1 x 8 lane slot and 8 x 4 lane slots
PSU Options 600 Watt Redundant PSU or 500 Watt ATX PSU
Cooling Dual cooling fans with removable air filter
Operating Temperature 0 to 35 deg C / 32 to 96 deg F
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing.
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping carton dimensions 60cm x 43cm x 75cm 30Kgs


 Model Code Description
XV-VIS900X-RPSU Expansion chassis with redundant PSU
XV-VIS900X-ATX Expansion chassis with ATX PSU
XV-VIS900-RPSU/OPT Expansion chassis with redundant PSU & Optical interlink
XV-VIS900-ATX/OPT Expansion chassis with ATX PSU & Optical interlink


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