XV-SC-HD4+/H 4  HDMI Input Capture card X-View

XV-SC-HD4+/H 4 HDMI Input Capture card

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4 x HDMI inputs, PCIe capture card


• 4 x HDMI capture channels

• 3840x2160p /60 per capture input

• HDCP with X-View XV-IMGDP4+

• DirectShow Drivers

• X-View unified drivers Win7/10 & Linux


The XV-SC-HD4+ provides 4 independant HDMI inputs allowing multichannel captures up to 3840x2160p /60/30fps.

XV-SC-HD4+ has four onboard HDMI video capture channels, two channels supporting 3840x2160 @ 30fps  and two channels offering support for 1920x1080/60fps.

All four channels are capable of operating independently of each other, enabling separate 4 video sources to be captrured simultaneously.

The card also has embedded audio support across all four channels, the card is provided with HDMI breakout cables.

DirectShow compatible capture card allows standalone application development to be simple as well as allowing the card to be used with other 3rd party applications such as VLC.


• 4 independant HDMI capture channels

• 2 x 3840x2160/30 captures

• 2 x 1920x1080/60 captures

• 8 lane PCIe Gen3 interface

• Embedded Audio support all 4 Inputs

• 768MB Frame Buffer Memory

• Single PCIe endpoint, allowing for more cards & captures to be placed within a single system.

• Compatible with VLC/ Windows Media Encoder and many others supporting WDM devices.