XV-SC-DP2 Dual Display Port Capture card X-View

XV-SC-DP2 Dual Display Port Capture card

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2 x DisplayPort inputs, PCIe capture card


• 2 x 4K DisplayPort capture channels

• 4096x2160p /60 per capture input

• HDCP with X-View XV-IMGDP4+

• DirectShow Drivers

• X-View unified drivers Win7/10 & Linux


The XV-SC-DP2 provides 2 independant DisplayPort inputs allowing multichannel captures in full 4K/UHD 4096x2160p/60 resolution.

Each capture channel is hardware timestamped allowing for larger surfaces to be captured and stiched together.

Both DisplayPort inputs are auto detecting and allow a combination of mixed formats to be captured from SD resolutions through to full 4K at 60fps.

HDCP support is provided when used in combination with the X-View output cards XV-IMGDP4.

DirectShow compatible capture card allows standalone application development to be simple as well as allowing the card to be used with other 3rd party applications such as VLC.


• 2 independant DisplayPort capture channels

• 2 x 4K/UHD 60fps captures • 8 lane PCIe Gen3 interface

• 768MB Frame Buffer Memory • Single PCIe endpoint, allowing for more cards & captures to be placed within a single system.

• Compatible with VLC/ Windows Media Encoder and many others supporting WDM devices.